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Can you send me a sample kitchen panel?2018-03-30T10:29:35+01:00

Yes, before we come to you, we send you a sprayed sample panel so that you can test the quality of our paint and check the colour and finish.

Can you spray wood kitchens?2018-03-30T10:07:19+01:00

Yes we can.

Is there a lot of smell and fumes?2018-03-30T10:06:10+01:00

No, as part of our safe contractor approval we have to meet strict health and safety guidelines, we use air purification and extractor fan systems as well as completely enclosing your kitchen in a polythene tent. This ensures there are no odours or fumes in your house.

How long does it take to spray a kitchen?2018-03-30T10:02:01+01:00

It normally takes between 1 and 5 days to spray a kitchen

How much does it cost to paint a kitchen?2018-03-30T10:00:59+01:00

We charge per panel, so if you email us the amount of doors, drawers and end panels you have we can email you back with a price

I have a high gloss laminate kitchen that I want spraying, can you do this?2018-03-30T09:59:58+01:00

Yes we can.

Do you take the cupboard doors away?2018-03-30T09:59:24+01:00

No we don’t take your panels away. We spray everything on site, we have a specially equipped van ,where we spray the doors, drawers, and plinths inside.

Do you spray the insides of the kitchen cupboards?2018-03-30T09:58:05+01:00

We can do, but we generally don’t. This keeps the cost down and to be honest it doesn’t affect the over all look of the kitchen. We do how ever spray inside the glass fronted units.